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5 € / Month

Discover the latest and older titles in an offer allowing you to watch everything you want online and on an application  in high definition and without any advertising. Subscribe for instant access to your favorite programs! To discover the whole catalog click Here

  • Unlimited viewing of your series, movies and shows.
  • Remove all ads.
  • Your videos in Full HD.
  • Viewing on multiple screens at the same time.
  • Exclusive access to Wakanim applications.

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1 € / Episode

Buy your program by the episode or by season/arc at a reduced price and enjoy the most comfortable viewing format and collecting your favorite animated series!. You have the option to download/watch the program online at your leisure, without time limitation.

  • No restrictions : you own the program
  • The program stay accessible wherever and whenever you need it!
  • Choose your episodes or choose for a complete season.
  • One credit = 1 € = 1 episode.
  • One season/arc = 10 € = 10 Credits

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