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About us

What is Wakanim?

Wakanim is the premier legal Anime streaming service in Europe. We strive to provide our users with both an amazing streaming platform and quality Anime content. Wakanim is the best place to stream all your favorite Anime such as Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul:re and many others!

Much more than a streaming platform!

More than just an awesome place to watch Anime, Wakanim is a community, an event organizer and a fervent supporter of Japanese Animation. Helping Anime flourish as creative media is close to our hearts. Therefore, whether you are a subscriber or a user of the collection feature, you are directly giving back to those who make the Anime you watch and enjoy 😊

Constantly growing and evolving!

Despite having been around for almost 10 years, Wakanim has never ceased to grow and evolve. After popularizing the Simulcast in France, Wakanim has expanded exponentially in the last few years, where we have brought the joy of Anime to countries such as Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark & more. We are also committed to the constant improvement of our service: releasing new & innovative features, developing new Wakanim applications and more!