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Tokyo Ghoul:re

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Tokyo Ghoul:re

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  • They lurk into the crowd to better feed on human flesh. They look like humans, but their appearance is misleading ... They are called "ghouls". The CCG, a government organization responsible for studying and eradicating ghouls, is forming a new unit of experimental subjects. Their name: The Quinx. Led by inspector Haise Sasaki, this atypical group is entrusted with an equally singular mission. What fate awaits them in the depths of the Japanese capital?
  • Broadcasting date 10/ 3/ 2018
  • Original name 東京喰種:re
  • Other names Tokyo Kushu:re
  • Classification Parental Guidance Suggested
  • Genres Drama, Horror, Seinen, Supernatural
  • Copyright ©Sui Ishida/Shueisha, Tokyo Ghoul:re Production Committee
  • Followed by 1205 users
  • Director : Odahiro Watanabe
    Studio : Pierrot
    Original creator : Sui Ishida
    Series Composition & Screenplay : Chūji Mikasano
    Music : Yutaka Yamada
    Character Design : Atsuko Nakajima
  • Keywords Tokyo Kushu:re  Marvelous  TC Entertainment  Ken  Sasaki  Saiko  Kuki  Tooru  Ginshi  Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season  Toukyou Kuushu:re 

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