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  • Broadcasting date 7/ 4/ 2019
  • Original name 消滅都市
  • Other names Shoumetsu Toshi
  • Classification General Audiences
  • Genres Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
  • Copyright ©WFS/After Lost Production Committee
  • Followed by 239 users
One day, a city suddenly disappears. Takuya, a courier and lone wolf, meets Yuki, the only survivor from the catastrophe. When they receive a message from Yuki’s father, whom she lost contact with, they decide to head towards the disappeared city. However, an unexpected obstacle strikes before the pair and Yuki has to face an upsetting reality. While having to deal with the feelings of those missing, they will have to face a mysterious group working in the shadows and thwart a hidden conspiracy. Takuya and Yuki learn about each other during this journey that will link them to the mystery of the disappeared city.

Studio : Madhouse
Director : Shigeyuki Miya
Series Composition : Shingo Irie
Character Design : Tomoyuki Shitaya
Music : Kenji Kawai
Original Creator : Gree / Wright Flyer Studios

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