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  • Professional wrestler and animal lover Shibata Genzo is suddenly summoned to another world. Greeted by a princess, she requests to get rid of the evil beasts roaming in this world. Outraged that he was asked to kill monsters, Genzo German suplexes the princess. Unable to get back to Earth, he decides to live a peaceful life and manage a ""monster"" pet shop.
  • Broadcasting date 2/ 10/ 2019
  • Original name 旗揚!けものみち
  • Classification General Audiences
  • Genres Comedy, Fantasy
  • Copyright ©2019 Natsume Akatsuki/Mattakumo-suke/Yumeuta/KADOKAWA/Kemonomichi Partners
  • Followed by 361 users
  • Director: Kazuya Miura
    Script: Touko Machida
    Character Design: Tomoka Noumi
    Studio: ENGI
  • Keywords AT-X  Nippon Columbia  Sammy  Kadokawa Media House  Kadokawa  CA-Cygames Anime Fund  Shigure  Genzou  Hanako  Carmilla 

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