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  • One day, Miu Takigawa suddenly receives a letter notifying her that she has been chosen as a member of a brand-new project. Half in disbelief, she heads over to the location stated on the letter. There, she finds seven other girls summoned there in the same fashion. The girls behold a giant, top-secret facility. They stand in bewilderment as they are told: ""You are going to debut for a major record label as an idol group."" A new kind of idol, never-before-seen, is about to be born here...
  • Broadcasting date 11/ 1/ 2020
  • Original name ナナブンノニジュウニ
  • Classification General Audiences
  • Genres Music, Slice of Life
  • Copyright ©ANIME 22/7
  • Followed by 112 users
  • Director: Takao Abo
    Series Composition: Reiji Miyajima / Chiaki Nagai
    Animation Character Design / Chief Animation Director: Majiro
    Chief Animation Directors: Satomi Tamura / Akira Takada
    Music: Masato Nakayama
    Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
    Produced by: ANIME 22/7
  • Keywords Aniplex  Sakura  Akane  Miu  Ayaka  Nicole  Miyako  Jun  Reika