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Interspeies Reviewers

  • Hold on!
    What happened to Interspecies Reviewers?
    I know Funimation stopped showing Interspecies Reviewers because of its content. But why can't I watch it here on Wakanim? I didn't find any news regarding it on the site nor on Wakanim's social media. It has disappeared with no trace, no warnings, no nuttin'.

  • I suppose that the reason they pulled it also for the Nordics, is that there's no one doing the English language texts.

  • @farabeuf Now that you mentioned the French Wakanim, actually it seems to be available everywhere else except for Nordic, which in my opinion is as dumb as the fact that Nordic Wakanim is in English.

  • Too racy and graphic for Funimation and american sensibilities. Weird thing is we're getting it pulled, but French Wakanim still has it.

  • Yeah, I am curious as well. Why was this series pulled?

  • @seppupu13 I've asked that question twice to their customer service without any answer forthcoming. My guess is that since Funimation in the US pulled the series, they followed suit. I think it's bad form they didn't give us any kind of announcement