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It's not much as of yet, but at least it's here.

  • As I said, it's not much, but finally we have something up here in the north.

    I'm having a lot of faith in this site for actually going at it and giving content for us where we usually have to trust on American streaming or some shady sites to get the anime we want to watch and enjoy.
    Although Wakanim hasn't released any info on the shows (that are still missing) that it promised on the facebook page in any shape or form, I hope they get to grab some of the upcoming anime and stream it here where we couldn't otherwise see it at all.

    So please give us more information or news or anything! the release calendar is looking awfully empty right now and that makes me sad.

    The purpose of this topic was to ask if i'm alone in this opinion? Did Wakanim let you down or are you having the same hopes I am?
    Let's make this the great streaming site we have needed for years.

  • Admin


    We are announcing our new series, you can see if one of them interest you on the following page :
    we are updating this news regularly !

  • tbh im not gonna use waka in any form until we get the ps4 application, im done watching anime on computer, i just dont do it anymore, its not worth it

    ps4 or nothing

    i was informed via facebook by waka, that the ps4 application has been completed many moons ago but its sony that is slow to accept the application to their store :<

  • They finally launched in Åland Islands, which I am thankful for and now can legally support Made in Abyss and a reason to binge Princess Principle, but it still lacking some summer season Sentai titles and it would be nice if they could get Legend of the galactic heroes, but i will wait and see.

  • SAO was supposed to be here but its nowhere to be seen
    Wakanim people do respond to some extent on facebook but theyre really bad at communicating stuff at this moment, and communication is what i want, on whats to come and so on

  • Still, just 14 series avaible? Have onlyregistered since I first want to make sure they got some content that I'm actually interested in. I mean, I did subscribe to amazon prime for a while simply to watch American Gods, so just give me something I want to watch and I'm willing to pay.

  • Funny that you mention the french version because when I first tried to read your reply, the site turned into the french one and it took a while for it to let me read the actual post

    But yea they say patience is a virtue I guess.

  • I have full faith in Wakanim as well. This is the first time we have a service in the Nordic countries that are actually trying to bring Anime to us, not only here, but also in the Cinemas and seem to have succeeded.
    Also, on the note about the missing shows Erased, Fate, Sword Art Online etc~ I actually asked them yesterday about them and they are not far off. Said they are doing a few adjustment to subtitles and encoding to all the episodes to make sure they are 100% accurate and correct and will give more info/a date soon.

    Compared to the french version it is bare-boned right now, yeah, and I would love to see some stuff from that over here (especially Love Live! Sunshine!!), but can't have everything right away!

    Things just takes time some times, so yeah, gotta support what we love and hope we can help them push this service as far as it can possible go!