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language settings

  • why all text is displayed in French in Finland. that French is big no no here, either in English or Finnish. why the site does not have language settings. You should also have the option to select the audio language which the anime is displayed (dub or original). I do not like dub anime, the original is in my opinion the right way to watch anime (Eng sub )

  • Found fix for iphone app, you have to add english as one of the language options from iphone settings. You can still keep your native language as default, but now it also supports english when app doesnt have your language setting available.

  • I just purchased a movie and they don't even have English subtitles, I could have watched it on Netflix for free but they don't have English subtitles either... this is ridiculous

  • Im having the samme problem in Denmark this sucks

  • It has been like this for more than a year now. Sometimes parts of the site are in French and other times the entire page is in French. Tho I have found this more common in the community section. So there has to be some iffety with the pointers for the language files. It's quite an easy fix with json and proper references. However, it all depends on how the page is structured.

  • I have the same issue in Norway on ipad.
    My french is not very good...
    Cannot find any language settings for the app either