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Reward program

  • Do you thing it could be a good idea for Wakanim to have some sort of a reward program?
    Like watch 24 episode, get one credit as a reward (Have a good algorithm so that you cant just skip 24 ep and get a credit)

    This way they can attract more customers to the site.

    Good or bad idea?

  • They can have a achievement system similar to the one that Crunchyroll has, or maybe I should say used to have as they've not been actively using it for the past 3 or so years.

    Anything other then a achievement like system would be exploited to hell and back. For instance if you get credit for watching x amount episodes, then you can just write a script into your browser to make it click some random other video or make a homebrew browser solution to watch things while you're away at work or school. That way you'd pretty much get free watch times and cost Wakanim a shit load of bandwidth

  • In theory it would be a good idea. But in reality its a bad idea. You can just start an episode and let it play without watching. And in the end it would just end up being a big loss for Wakanim. Only thing that could work well would be guess passes after x amount of months subscribed, similar to Crunchyroll.

    But im pretty sure they are doing just fine as it is (remember their services is available in quiet a few regions at this point)