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RAW anime without subtitles

  • I'm probably not the only person using wakanim who understands japanese, so I propose the additional feature of streaming and downloading anime without subtitles.

    As not many legal anime streaming sites provide such a subtitle-less service, I think it'll be a unique selling point for your service that companies like Crunchyroll doesn't offer. Plus won't cost so much to implement!

  • At the moment Crunchyroll has the possibility to turn subtitles off.

    I too would like it if the videos here would be more like softsubbed and I'd be able to turn subtitles off, or at least it would be nice if I wasn't forced to watch anime with English subtitles. I tend to use German subtitles.

  • If they do hardsubs instead of softsubs it is because they have a reason ^^
    I'm affraid to tell you it won't be possible for them to do that

  • + 1, i like that