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How much of my credit purchases go to Japan?

  • I'm interested on this service mainly because of the apparent ability to support individual series aka vote with my wallet to support the anime creators. However, with the coin systems and all, I'm wondering where the money goes.

    For example, for me a 12ep season seems to cost 10 credits = 10 euros. Does this money actually go to the producers of that series or is it simply distributed on all series?

    How much does Wakanim take of that sum? For example, quick google says that Steam and Google Play take 30% of the profits. If I pay with Paypal, how much does it decrease the profits?

    Honestly I'm not that interested in the service, just the ability to support the anime I want with as good efficiency as possible.

  • It's a good question. It would also be interesting to know the difference between the subscription the purchase of individual shows credits.

    My guess is that Wakanim, Crunchyroll and Amazon is licensing the shows from the local creators/publishers for a low percentage (less then 30). The advantage for the Japanese creators is that they don't have to think about platform, translation and marketing.
    The indie game developers are self-publishing and paying steam (with 30%) to borrow their store.